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New ebooks: Winter Wake and Dead Voices

Two of Rick’s novels previously released as ebooks by NECON Books are now available in new releases from Crossroad Press! Winter Wake and Dead Voices can be found wherever ebooks are sold.

Rick Hautala ebooks from Crossroad Press

Winter Wake for Kindle

Dead Voices for Kindle


Shades of Night ebook is available now!

Shades of NightRick Hautala’s Shades of Night is now available as an ebook from Crossroad Press!

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From the moment she and Vincent move into their new home in Maine, Lara DeSalvo is tormented by killer migraines and eerie visions: a young woman with a pale face and glowing eyes who warns of an unnameable danger … her mother, damning her soul from beyond the grave … a looming, shadowy man pursuing her through rooms she’s never set foot in before.

Even her husband seems to change from her passionate lover into someone unnervingly different yet terrifyingly familiar. Now Lara will discover the true meaning of terror as a buried secret comes to light … a shattering final truth that will turn reality-bright day into blood-red shades of darkest night.

Twilight Time ebook from Crossroad Press

Twilight Time coverCrossroad Press is releasing an ebook edition of Rick Hautala’s Twilight Time. The ebook should be available for purchase on August 4, 2015.

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Rick Hautala ebooks at Amazon

Rick Hautala ebooks at Crossroad Press


Jeff Wagner has come home to Maine.

HOME … where, years ago, unspeakable fear and abuse ruled his life.
HOME … where Jeff and his sister sought secret, sinful refuge in each other’s arms.
HOME … where Jeff’s brother Jeremy was terrified out of his life …
HOME … where shattering violence splintered Jeff’s mind into multiple personalities—each one scarier and more dangerous than the next.

Now Jeff is about to open the door that has been closed for so long … about to walk into the living, breathing embodiment of all his childhood fears …

Glimpses ebook only $.99 at Amazon for a limited time!

GLIMPSESGlimpses, a career-spanning story collection from Rick Hautala, is only 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!

This illustrated ebook edition includes all 8 interior illustrations from artist Glenn Chadbourne.

HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Rick Hautala’s writing career spans more than three decades. Glimpses, a “best of” collection, brings together twenty-four stories—quick glimpses into the deepest shadows of our lives, around unfamiliar corners of streets we think we know, and down the darkest alleys of strange cities where readers will have to face their worst fears and their most unnerving nightmares.

So whether it’s in a haunted schoolhouse or an abandoned lighthouse, an iron bridge that spans a fast-moving river or a World War I battlefield, prepare yourself because you never know what you may catch a glimpse of … and by then, it may already be too late.



New blog review of Dark Silence

10480554_898246783524288_4408984674836456806_oThe blog Mika Reads Horror Fiction has a new review of Rick’s 1992 novel Dark Silence, available now in ebook formats!

You can read the review here.

Dark Silence for Kindle

Dark Silence for NOOK

Dark Silence at SmashWords

Free Fear the Reaper ebook with story by Rick Hautala

fear-the-reaperThe Kindle edition of Crystal Lake Publishing’s anthology Fear the Reaper is currently free on Amazon US.

The anthology of tales was published in 2013 and includes “Non-Returnable,” a story by Rick Hautala! The book is edited by Joe Mynhardt and also includes stories by Jeff Strand, Joe McKinney, Gary Braunbeck, and others. You can buy Fear the Reaper in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon.

“Non-Returnable” was previously published in the 2002 anthology Shelf Life, published by Dream Haven Books.

Editor Joe Mynhardt blogged about Fear the Reaper.

Crossroad Press ebook bundle deal

haunting-horrorsCrossroad Press has released a specially-priced ebook bundle for Kindle, A Haunting of Horrors, Volume 2. The bundle includes twenty novels for only $2.99 (total price), including Rick Hautala’s Untcigahunk: The Complete Brothers.

Buy A Haunting of Horrors, Volume 2

Here are the full contents:

The Convulsion Factory – Brian Hodge
Dust of Eden – Thomas Sullivan
The Weird Ones – Steve Vernon
Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors – Weston Ochse & David Whitman
Blood Samples – Jay Bonansinga
Untcigahunk: The Complete Little Brothers – Rick Hautala
Kiss Me Like You Love Me – Wednesday Lee Friday
Red Dreams – Dennis Etchison
The Shadows, Kith & Kin – Joe R. Lansdale
Tryptych – Jack Ketchum
The Forbidden Zone – Whitley Strieber
The Last Call of Mourning – Charles L. Grant
Shadoweyes – Kathryn Ptacek
With Wounds Still Wet – Wayne Allen Sallee
Black Leather Required – David J. Schow
Defining Moments – David Niall Wilson
Delightful Agony – David Whitman
Less Than Human – Gary Raisor
Dark Ride – Michael Laimo
The Nightmare Frontier – Stephen Mark Rainey

The Demon’s Wife Kindle ebook sale: $.99 through December 21

Front_Cover_Image_The_Demons_Wife-Copy-199x300JournalStone Publishing is having an Amazon-only holiday ebook sale. Among titles by Jonathan Maberry, Lisa Morton, Weston Ochse, and others, you’ll find Rick Hautala’s The Demon Wife for only $.99! The sale runs through December 21. You can find all the on-sale titles on this post on the HellNotes site.


You can order The Demon’s Wife from Amazon.

Cold Whisper ebook is now available

cold-whisperCrossroad Press has released ebook editions of Rick Hautala’s Cold Whisper.

Cold Whisper for Kindle

Cold Whisper for NOOK

Cold Whisper at SmashWords

About Dark Silence:

Tully. He made Sarah’s every wish come true. He appeared to her eyes alone and spoke so that only she could hear. Sometimes Sarah wondered if it was all her imagination. But the things that Tully made happen were all too real. And, as Sarah grew up, they were all too horrible.

Now Sarah, a college freshman in Maine, lives in terror. She mustn’t think bad thoughts. She mustn’t give in to the lure of Tully’s powers. She mustn’t ever, ever get angry. For what Tully doesn’t understand is that some wishes aren’t meant to be granted.

Dark Silence ebook is now available

10480554_898246783524288_4408984674836456806_oCrossroad Press has released ebook editions of Rick Hautala’s Dark Silence.

Dark Silence for Kindle

Dark Silence for NOOK

Dark Silence at SmashWords

About Dark Silence:

November, 1694. Rachel Parsons, an accused witch, is hanged at the Gallows Tree in Summerfield, Maine. Before she dies, she curses all who live on her land. Her words end with the creak of the rope as the ladder is pulled out from under her.

Autumn, 1963. A retarded boy is chased into the old, abandoned mill. But it is one of his tormentors who ends up at the bottom of a shaft.

Summer, 1994. Brian Fraser has heard the stories about the old mill. They say it’s haunted, filled with the whisperings of long ago…including something that his own father won’t talk about. But Brian is drawn to the mill. Drawn to an evil so hideous, so apocalyptic it threatens one’s sanity…