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Stories sold but not yet published
Published Short Stories
(* indicates story was reprinted in Bedbugs: # indicates story was reprinted in Occasional Demons. No mark means they’re uncollected to date and will most likely be included in his new short story collection, The Back of Beyond.)*”Colt .24″: originally published in Isaac Asimov’s Magical Worlds of Fantasy #8: Devils, edited by Asimov, Isaac; Martin Greenberg, and Charles Waugh, published in June, 1987 by New American Library (351 pp.)#”Every Mothers’ Son”: originally published in Maine Impressions, Vol. 1, # 2, March 1987.

*”Voodoo Queen”: originally published in The Overlook Connection edited by David Hinchberger, Summer, 1989.

*”Late Summer Shadows”: originally published in Maine, Vol. 1, # 1, September/October, 1989.

#”Getting the Job Done”: originally published in Stalkers, edited by Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, published by Dark Harvest, November, 1989.

*”Karen’s Eyes,”originally published in Footsteps 9, edited by Bill Munster, July, 1990.

“Sleigh Ride,” a “missing scene” from Winter Wake originally published in Footsteps 9, edited by Bill Munster, July, 1990.

*”Crying Wolf” and interview: originally published in Cemetery Dance, Vol. 2, # 3, edited by Rich Chizmar, Summer, 1990,

#”The Man Who Looked Like Murphy,” originally published in Obsessions, edited by Gary Raisor, published by Dark Harvest, March, 1991.

#”Hotel Hell,” originally published in Cold Blood, edited by Rich Chizmar, published by Mark Ziesing, Publishers, 1991.

#”The Compost Heap,” originally published in Night World magazine, Winter, 1991, Vol.2 #2, edited by Erik Winter and Lyman Feero.

*”Closing the Doors,” originally published in Solved, edited by Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg, published by Carroll & Graf, 1991.

*”Sources of the Nile,” originally published in Masques IV, edited by J. N. Williamson, published by Maclay and Associates, 1991.

#”Off the Cuff” originally published in Fang magazine, Volume 1, Issue #1, edited by Michael Grotton, April, 1992.

*”Bird in the House” originally published in Narrow Houses, edited by Peter Crowther, published by MacDonald, England, October, 1992 and in USA by Warner-Aspect, paperback, October, 1994.

*”Breakfast at Earl’s” originally published After the Darkness, edited by Stan Wiater, Maclay and Associates, 1993.

*”Rubies and Pearls” originally published in Predators: Stalkers #2, edited by Ed Gorman, NAL, 1993 mass market paperback published in October, 1994.

Night Visions # 9. “Untcigahunk: Stories and Tales of the Little Brothers,” including “Love on the Rocks,” “Deal with the Devils,” “Chrysalis,” “Birch Whistle,” “Little Brother,” “Little Brother Speaks,” and “Redman” published by Dark Harvest Books, October, 1991.

*”Surprise” originally published in The Ultimate Zombie edited by John Betancourt, Byron Preiss Publications/Dell Books, October, 1993.

*”Cousins’ Curse,” originally published in Dark Seductions, edited by Alice Alfonsi and John Scognamiglio, Zebra Books, October, 1993.

*”Piss Eyes,” originally published in Frankenstein: The Monster Awakes, edited by Martin Greenberg, NAL, 1993.

#”Dead Legends” originally published in Shock Rock 2, edited by Jeff Gelb, Pocket Books, published in 1994.

#”Iron Frog” originally published in Murders for Mother, edited by Martin Greenberg, NAL, 1994.

*”A Little Bit of Divine Justice” originally published in Voices from the Night, edited by John Maclay, Maclay and Associates, 1994.

*”Served Cold” originally published in Deathrealm magazine, Summer Issue, 1994.

*”Winter Queen” originally published in Dark Destiny, edited by Ed Kramer, White Wolf Books, November, 1994.

#”Toxic Shock” published in The Earth Strikes Back, edited by Rich Chizmar, published by Mark Ziesing, December, 1994.

*”Perfect Witness” originally published in Fear Itself, Jeff Gelb, editor, Warner Books, Inc, Feb., 1995.

#”The Gates of Dawn,” published in Changeling: The Glamour, Erin Kelly, editor, White Wolf Books, June, 1995.

*”The Back of My Hands” published in More Phobias, edited by Webb, et. al, Pocket Books, 1995.

#”Setup” published in 100 Vicious Little Vampires, edited by Weinberg, Dziemianowicz, and Greenberg, published by Barnes and Nobel, September, 1995.

*”Master Tape” published in 100 Wicked Little Witches, edited by Weinberg, Dziemianowicz, and Greenberg, published by Barnes and Nobel, September, 1995.

#”Abduction,” (written in collaboration with Jesse and Matti Hautala) published in Great Writers and Kids Write Scary Stories, edited by JillMorgan, Robert Weinberg, and Marty Greenberg, published by Random House, October, 1995.

*”Worst Fear” first published in Gothic Ghosts, edited by Charles L. Grant and Wendy Webb, 1996.

*”Schoolhouse,” published in Thunder’s Shadow, August, 1995.

*”Hitman” published in Night Screams, edited by Ed Gorman and Marty Greenberg, by NAL in January, 1996.

*”Silver Rings” sold to Northern Frights, published by Mosaic Press in 1995.

*”Tunnels,” published in Dante’s Disciples, edited by Ed Kramer and Peter Crowther, published by White Wolf Publishing in 1996.

#”Knocking” published in 999, edited by Al Sarrantonio, published by Avon Books, September, 1999.

#”Scared Crows,” a HELLBOY story, written with Jim Connolly, in Hellboy: The Anthology, published by Dark Horse Publishing, January, 2000.

#“Nightmare Transcript,” in Bad News, edited by Richard Laymon, published by CD Publications, March, 2001.

“Late Summer Shadows,” adapted for comics by Glenn Chadbourne in Grave Tales, published by CD Publications.

#“The Screaming Head,” in Skull Full of Spurs, edited by Jason Boverg, published by Dark Highways Press, 2000.

#“Miss Henry’s Bottles,” published in Trick or Treat, edited by Rich Chizmar for CD Publications, November, 2001.

#“The Nephews,” published in Lighthouse Hauntings, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Down East Books, 2003. Buy it for Kindle!

“Colt .24,” with an introduction, reprinted in Horrible Beginnings, edited by Stephen Silver and Martin Greenberg, DAW, 2002.

#“And the Sea Shall Claim Them …” written as A. J. Matthews with Matthew Costello, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, published in Lighthouse Haunting, Down East Books, 2003.

#“Non-returnable,” published in Shelf Life, edited by Greg Ketter, Dream Haven Books, 2002. Also in Fear the Reaper, edited by Joe Mynhardt, Crystal Lake Publishing, 2013.

#“Oilman” published Occasional Demons.

“Flint and Iron” published in After the Darkness, edited by Marty Greenberg, DAW, published in June, 2005.

“Big Bite,” published in Small Bites, edited by Garrett Peck, published … ?

“Adrift with Monstrosities: An Appreciation of The Boats of the Glen Carrig,” published in 100 More Best Horror Novels, edited by Steven Jones and Kim Newman, Carroll and Graff, 2005.

“Tin Can Telephone” published in Four Octobers, October, 2006.

“Blood Ledge” published in Four Octobers, October, 2006.

“They Call Me Eddie,” written with Tom Monteleone, in Evermore, edited by James Robert Smilt and Stephen Mark Rainey, published by Arkham House, February, 2007.

#“Witch House” (a Little Brothers story) to be published by HorrowWorld (on-line) 2005, reprinted in Untcigahunk, Delerium Press, 2007.

“Digger” written with Christopher Golden, published in Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook, edited by Joe Gentile, Garrett Anderson, and Lori Gentile, February, 2007.

“The Hum,” to be published in Man vs. Machine, edited by Marty Greenberg and John Helfers for DAW.

“Over the Top” to be published in an anthology edited by John Helfers and Marty Greenberg, DAW.

“True Glass” published in Shivers 5, edited by Rich Chizmar, CD Publications

#“The Call” to be published in Occasional Demons in 2010.

“Black Iron,” published in Delirium 2, Delirium Books, 2007.

“Hearing Aid” published in PostScripts, April, 2007.

“Blossoms in the Wind” published in Dark, Deadly Valley, edited by Mike Hefferan.

“Burning Man Decapitated in Fatal Fall,” published in Shroud Magazine # 4

“Tone, Style, and Voice,” published in Writers’ Workshop of Horrors, edited by Michael Knost, Woodland Press.

“Ghost Trap” will appear in The New Dead, edited by Christopher Golden, St. Martin’s, February, 2010.

“Goblin Boy” will appear in Cemetery Dance # 64 “Special Halloween Issue.”

“Little Women in Black” will appear in Classics Mutilated from IDW in October 2010.

Interviews by Rick Hautala
“Interview with Glenn Chadbourne,” published in Cemetery Dance magazine, Fall, 2009, Issue # 62.