Crossroad Press ebook bundle deal

haunting-horrorsCrossroad Press has released a specially-priced ebook bundle for Kindle, A Haunting of Horrors, Volume 2. The bundle includes twenty novels for only $2.99 (total price), including Rick Hautala’s Untcigahunk: The Complete Brothers.

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Here are the full contents:

The Convulsion Factory – Brian Hodge
Dust of Eden – Thomas Sullivan
The Weird Ones – Steve Vernon
Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors – Weston Ochse & David Whitman
Blood Samples – Jay Bonansinga
Untcigahunk: The Complete Little Brothers – Rick Hautala
Kiss Me Like You Love Me – Wednesday Lee Friday
Red Dreams – Dennis Etchison
The Shadows, Kith & Kin – Joe R. Lansdale
Tryptych – Jack Ketchum
The Forbidden Zone – Whitley Strieber
The Last Call of Mourning – Charles L. Grant
Shadoweyes – Kathryn Ptacek
With Wounds Still Wet – Wayne Allen Sallee
Black Leather Required – David J. Schow
Defining Moments – David Niall Wilson
Delightful Agony – David Whitman
Less Than Human – Gary Raisor
Dark Ride – Michael Laimo
The Nightmare Frontier – Stephen Mark Rainey

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