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New review of The Demon’s Wife

Front_Cover_Image_The_Demons_Wife-Copy-199x300Reader Views has posted a new review of Rick Hautala’s The Demon’s Wife.

You can order The Demon’s Wife from JournalStone, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


New review of Four Octobers

four-octobersWebsite Wag the Fox has posted a new review of Rick Hautala’s Four Octobers, a quartet of October-themed novellas.

Print editions of Four Octobers: A Collection of Novellas can be found from various online sellers, including these from Amazon.

Four Octobers is also available as an ebook for Kindle and NOOK.

Stories about Rick’s archives

hollyHolly Newstein-Hautala offered Rick’s archives—manuscripts, letters, etc.—to the Walker Memorial Library in Westbrook, ME, where he lived and worked most of his adult life. A year after the offer was made, the library turned down the offer. Holly tweeted about the rejection, which caught the interest of a couple of reporters, and now The Portland Press Herald and American Journal have run front-page articles about the issue.

Before the articles even appeared, Southern Maine Community College expressed an interest in Rick’s papers. Holly will be visiting SMCC next month to see how they would care for Rick’s archives. Looks very promising, she said!

Review of Indian Summer

Keith West at posted this blog review of Rick Hautala’s Indian Summer.

Indiegogo campaign to film Rick Hautala’s “Colt .24”


Filmmaker David C. Miller has launched an Indiegogo campaign to film an adaptation of Rick Hautala’s short story “Colt .24.” You can read more about the project here.

A Celebration of Rick Hautala

rhPortland’s has posted A Celebration of Rick Hautala, which includes comments from Holly. You can read the post here.

Southern Maine Community College will host  A Celebration of Rick Hautala Evening March 27, 2014. Friends, fans, students, and faculty will get together at the campus community center to read and reminisce about Rick, and discuss the many contributions he made to the community and to the horror genre.  The event starts at 7 p.m.

The student center is located at 2 Fort Rd, South Portland, ME 04106.


YouTube: Rick Hautala interview from WHC 2012

Thanks to the Horror Writers Association, here is the video of the hour-long interview with Lifetime Achievement Award winner Rick Hautala, conducted by Peter Giglio during “HWA Day” at the 2012 World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City.

Night Stone ebooks are now available!

Night Stone - thumbRick Hautala’s third novel, Night Stone, is now available in ebook editions from Crossroad Press!


The old house in Maine gave Beth the creeps. She couldn’t believe they were really moving in. If it weren’t for the wooden doll she had found in the closet of her new bedroom, she would have been miserable. But the strange hand-carved figure fascinated her, and she sensed with a child’s instinct that she had to hide it from her parents…


It was a house of darkness and shadows, but with her secret doll, Beth wasn’t afraid. Not even when she heard the scratching and whispering at night. Not even when the tall, massive stones of her dreams began to ooze with blood. For as she stared into the eyes of the wooden doll, she heard it call to her and felt the force of its evil power. And she knew that it was about to tell her what she had to do…


Rick Hautala Month at the Fleck Agency

fleckThe Fleck Agency posted this on Facebook:

With the arrival recently of my agency copies of both STAR ROAD and THE DEAD LANDS, I declare this Rick Hautala month on The Fleck Agency’s page. Go forth and buy copies of Rick’s books and come here and talk about your memories of him. Comment on this post and I’ll enter you in a drawing on March 1. Three people will receive a free copy of one of the three books in the Agency header, so share this with your book loving friends.

The followup post:

To be clear which books are in the give away, I’ll be sending each of three lucky commenters on my post about Rick Hautala Month a copy of THE DEAD LANDS or THE DEMON’S WIFE from JournalStone Publishing or STAR ROAD coauthored with Matthew J. Costello and published by Thomas Dunne Books .

You can find their post and enter the contest on Facebook here.

A Celebration of Rick Hautala: March 27, 2014

From Holly:

Southern Maine Community College will be hosting a Celebration of Rick Hautala on Thursday, March 27, at 7:00 pm. Rick taught there for many years. Friends, colleagues and students are invited to attend an evening of readings and reminiscences.

More details forthcoming, but mark your calendars!