Cover for Waiting

Here’s the cover for Haverhill House’s upcoming edition of Waiting, Rick Hautala’s last unpublished novel.

Glenn Chadbourne did the illustration, Dyer Wilk did the set-up and coloration.

For more information on Waiting, look below or visit Haverhill House.


Stephen King’s letter introducing Rick Hautala

Thanks to Gerald Winters of Gerald Winters and Son Rare Books in Bangor, ME, here’s an amazing find: a letter that Stephen King wrote to publisher Coward, McCann, and Geoghegan recommending a new in-progress book by a new writer named Rick Hautala! The book, The Dark Brother, was retitled Moondeath when it was finally published by Zebra Books in 1980.

I’m writing in hopes that you will read a manuscript in progress. It is a novel called THE DARK BROTHER by a young man named Rick Hautala. Rick works in the South Portland Walden bookstore, and a few months ago he asked me if I’d look at this script.

Gerald wrote, “After Putnam Publishers acquired CM&G, this letter was kept on their files until it was eventually acquired by the previous owner.

“Now it is back in Bangor where it will stay for anyone wishing to view.”

Click on the image to view a large version of the letter that you can read.

Rick’s papers to be housed at Maine State Library!

Holly posted some fantastic news on Facebook!

I am thrilled to announce that Rick Hautala’s papers will be housed at the Maine State Library. Anastasia Varnalis-Weigle, Rick’s archivist and good friend, has catalogued 30 years of manuscripts, correspondence, promotional pieces and miscellaneous stuff into a history not only of a bestselling writer’s rise, fall, and rebirth, but a timeline of the changes in publishing. They will have a great home in a library devoted to Maine writers and Maine books. Rick loved Maine, and there is no better place for his papers.

Synopsis for Waiting, coming from Haverhill House in 2017

Haverhill House has posted the synopsis for Waiting, Rick Hautala’s last horror novel. They will publish Waiting later this year!

Haver Hill House: Waiting by Rick Hautala

We will be debuting our editions of WAITING at the 2017 Haverhill Halloween BookFear this October. And needless to say, we are honored to be publishing Rick’s last novel.


By Rick Hautala
Introduction by Holly Newstein Hautala
Afterward by Christopher Golden
Published by Haverhill House

Alone …

For the first time in her life, Allie Prescott is alone. She’s left her husband, Jack, and moved out of their comfortable home. Now she’s living in a small second-floor apartment in a not-so-nice part of town and working as a waitress in a downtown restaurant. She’s struggling to figure out what she wants to do with the next stage of her life.

As much as Allie wants to be alone, what she doesn’t know is that even when she’s in her apartment … especially late at night  … she is not alone.

She is never alone.

Unseen eyes are watching her. Pale, ghostly shapes slip in and out of view. Faint, whispering voices tease her in the darkness.

The spirits who haunt her apartment have been there for a very long time … alone and waiting.

Now they’re beginning to manifest themselves because they know — and Allie will soon learn — that they have been waiting for her and her life will never be the same …

Rick’s last unpublished novel, WAITING, to be published in late 2017!

News from Holly!

Important news about Rick’s last unpublished novel, WAITING! A sold-out limited edition will be available from Cemetery Dance Publications this year, BUT – ebook and trade paperback editions will be published in October (of course) from Haverhill House Publishing! Afterword by Christopher Golden and cover art by Glenn Chadbourne, and an intro by Holly Newstein.

WAITING is a classic Rick Hautala book, with the claustrophobic, visceral creepiness that characterizes almost all his novels. More details to follow.

Audiobook edition of The White Room is now available!

white-room-audioCrossroad Press has released Rick Hautala’s The White Room, originally published under the pseudonym A.J. Matthews, as an audiobook narrated by Judy Pancoast. The audiobook is available from Audible now. It’ll be available from Amazon and iTunes within the next few days.

The White Room @ Audible


The old Harris house has been vacant for years.

A summer vacation in Milton, Maine, would be the best thing for Tim Harris, his wife, Polly, and their young son, Brian. Restoring Tim’s childhood home to its original splendor would help Polly restore her own life after a breakdown that left her fragile and afraid. But for Polly, it’s the beginning of new nightmare….

This summer it’s coming to life.

Human bones are discovered in a nearby construction site. Brian nearly drowns while playing with a mysterious new playmate. Polly hears whispers no one else can hear. She sees a young girl no one else can see. And Polly’s been warned. Something else lives in the Harris house. It’s long dead but not forgotten. And it’s not forgiving.

In the dark at the top of the stairs, it’s waiting, in the white room.

Realms of Night remembers Rick

There’s a nice writeup/remembrance of Rick over on Christopher Fulbright’s Realms of Night site.


Impulse ebook is available now!

impulseNow available in digital format, Impulse, the last of Rick Hautala’s novels originally published under the Zebra and Pinnacle imprints of Kensington books.

Coming soon to digital are the four books published under Rick’s pen name AJ Matthews!

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Shades of Night ebook is available now!

Shades of NightRick Hautala’s Shades of Night is now available as an ebook from Crossroad Press!

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From the moment she and Vincent move into their new home in Maine, Lara DeSalvo is tormented by killer migraines and eerie visions: a young woman with a pale face and glowing eyes who warns of an unnameable danger … her mother, damning her soul from beyond the grave … a looming, shadowy man pursuing her through rooms she’s never set foot in before.

Even her husband seems to change from her passionate lover into someone unnervingly different yet terrifyingly familiar. Now Lara will discover the true meaning of terror as a buried secret comes to light … a shattering final truth that will turn reality-bright day into blood-red shades of darkest night.

Twilight Time ebook from Crossroad Press

Twilight Time coverCrossroad Press is releasing an ebook edition of Rick Hautala’s Twilight Time. The ebook should be available for purchase on August 4, 2015.

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Rick Hautala ebooks at Amazon

Rick Hautala ebooks at Crossroad Press


Jeff Wagner has come home to Maine.

HOME … where, years ago, unspeakable fear and abuse ruled his life.
HOME … where Jeff and his sister sought secret, sinful refuge in each other’s arms.
HOME … where Jeff’s brother Jeremy was terrified out of his life …
HOME … where shattering violence splintered Jeff’s mind into multiple personalities—each one scarier and more dangerous than the next.

Now Jeff is about to open the door that has been closed for so long … about to walk into the living, breathing embodiment of all his childhood fears …