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Happy Freaking New Year!

With a stack of books and e-books (can e-books stack?) scheduled for publication within the next year or so, I have to post about the various projects I have going if only to help me keep them straight in my own head (an increasingly cluttered workspace if there ever was one).

One editor jokingly referred to 2012 as perhaps being “The Year of Hautala.” With all due modesty (said the Scandinavian), it very well may be. You certainly are going to being seeing a lot of my writing hit that stands.

So…in no particular order, since the publication dates on several of these are still fluid:

MOONDEATH has just been released as a trade paperback and in e-book format by Evil Jester Press.

All four A. J. Matthews books (THE WHITE ROOM, LOOKING GLASS, FOLLOW, and UNBROKEN) will be released in book form and as e-books by Dark Regions Press.

GLIMPSES: THE BEST OF RICK HAUTALA, a collection of stories culled from BEDBUGS, OCCASIONAL DEMONS, and the yet to be published (yet to be sold—hint, hint) THE EDGE OF BEYOND) is also coming out as an e-book and physical book from Dark Regions.

INDIAN SUMMER (a Little Brothers novella with some kick-ass artwork by Glenn Chadbourne) is coming soon from CD Publications, as are two original novels CHILLS (based on an original screenplay I wrote with an amazing cover from Cortney Skinner) and WAITING (which was going to be the next A. J. Matthews book until the publisher and I weren’t able to reach an agreement).

STAR ROAD, a science fiction novel I’m writing with Matt Costello (based on a screenplay Matt, Tom Monteleone, and I wrote), will be out from St. Martins/Thomas Dunne as a book and e-book.

DEAD VOICES (a reprint) and ROUGH WINDS (my mainstream coastal Maine family tragedy) will both be out electronically from NECON E-BOOKS.

You might say I’ve been a busy boy, and you’d be right, but you can rest assured this much work has not kept me entirely out of trouble.

As I’ve said all too often, writing is a disease because it comes from dis-ease and I am seriously infected with and afflicted by the writing bug. There’s lots more to come.

I’m currently working on the second draft of THE DEMON’S WIFE (a new novel thats as much comedy as horror), the first draft of BENEATH TROUBLED WATERS (another novel, this one a very creepy ghost story), and a new screenplay titled EVELYN (inspired by true events in the early 1900s).


Rick Hautala


Let’s get started, then.

Some of you may recognize the name of my BLOG. It’s one of many famous quotations from one of the greatest characters in literary history. I’m speaking, of course, about Eeyore, the woebegone donkey in A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books. Like Eeyore, I am not known for my optimism, especially when it comes to the writing business. Things have changed dramatically since I started out mumble-mumble years ago, and like Pooh Bear, I try to remain as optimistic as a bear with his head stuck in the “hunny” jar, but it’s not always easy.

So why Eeyore?

Many years ago, at the World Horror Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, I was wandering through the hotel lobby, feeling overwhelmed and adrift (as usual) when a voice with a thick British accent called out, “Well hello-o-o there, Eeyore.” Somehow knowing that whoever had said it was speaking to me, I turned and saw my friend Phil Nutman waving a greeting. Apparently other people heard him, too, because the name stuck. To many of my writer friends, I am known as “The Eeyore of Horror.”

Not the best appellation, but not the worst … and certainly accurate, “not that it matters.”

So what is Eeyore to me?

My animal spirit guide? …

My avatar? …

My persona.

Who knows?

A better question is: What will I discuss in my BLOG. What can I offer that will entice you to drop by and read what I have to say?

Like many writers I know, I don’t lead an exciting life. Most days, I sit at a desk (or, more recently, in a comfortable Morris chair with a lap desk and laptop), and churn out novels, short stories, and screenplays. Most of the excitement in my life happens between my ears. Much of what I’ll cover here will be what and how and why I write what I do. I hope to give you some insights into the workings of the creative process, at least from one writer’s POV.

I will also address those changes in the field of publishing I mentioned earlier. Bound books with pages printed with ink may never sell the way they used to, but the human species will always have a need for storytellers, and there are new (and old) frontiers to explore regarding electronic and other ways of telling stories.

So welcome … I’m glad you stopped by … If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to post them or e-mail them to me … But most of all, “thanks for noticing” …


—Rick Hautala
Westbrook, ME