Kings Way Press has a special offer to help the Hautala family

hautala_wildman_1-165x250Zach of Kings Way Press posted this on the forum at Horror Drive-In:

I wanted to do something to help Rick’s family even though I only knew him as a fan. He wrote many great books and seemed like an awesome guy.

When I took over the remains of Full Moon Press, I inherited several boxes of The Wildman Limited and Trade Editions. I figured what better way to help Rick’s family than to sell these books and donate 100% of the sales to the cause?

So far, through the KWP newsletter we have raised $299, which I just sent through paypal:
King’s Way Press, you have sent $299.00 USD to Holly Newstein.

Anyone else interested in a Signed/Limited Edition of The Wildman ($45) or The Wildman Trade Edition ($30) for a big discount of $23 or $15 respectively, email me at
[email protected] and I will send you an invoice.

To all those who have already donated or bought a copy, I am sure that Rick’s family will be eternally grateful for your support.


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