Cover art for The Dead Lands revealed

JournalStone Publishing has revealed the cover art for Mockingbird Bay: The Dead Lands, Rick’s last-written novel. The artwork is by Glenn Chadbourne. Here’s the synopsis of the story:

In a place Abby calls the Dead Lands, she aids individuals trapped by unfinished Earthly business and helps them move on.

Abby meets Megan McGowan there, a sixteen-year-old girl who fell to her death on the rocky shores of Mockingbird Bay.  Megan can’t remember if it was an accident…or something worse.  With the help of Jim Burke, a young man who becomes a close friend, Abbey works to discover how Megan became trapped in this empty place.

But Abby has other troubles — her uncle, the Reverend George Standley, evil and vengeful, pursues her with his Hell Hounds through the twilight realms of the Dead Lands, waiting for her at every turn. Fortunately a mysterious protector helps her evade her uncle’s terrible revenge.

Who is this spirit protector? And will Abby ever gain release from this unchained prison?


The book is not yet orderable, but you can visit the book page at JournalStone Publishing.

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