New Rick Hautala novel to be available exclusively to Cemetery Dance Book Club members

CD Book ClubCemetery Dance has announced the details for their new Book Club. Of particular note to Rick Hautala fans:

TWO of your selections will be the Not For Sale Limited Editions that are NOT available to non-members. For these two special editions, there will ONLY be enough signed Limited Edition copies printed for the membership of the Book Club. No dealers, no direct sales, no distributors. These two exclusive NOT FOR SALE Signed Limited Editions are:

Underground by Al Sarrantonio, his long lost novel set in HELL that his fans have waited two decades to read! This is the novel that has long been whispered about on message boards and among Al’s fans, but we thought would never see the light of day. Well, guess what: not only do we have this book, but it’s already designed and being proofread right now!

Waiting by Rick Hautala, an original novel that might just be the best tale Rick has written in his long and acclaimed career!

To read more about the CD Book Club and find out how to join, click here.

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