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Evil Jester Press, AudioComics, and Books & Boos to donate profits to Rick’s family

From Charles Day at Evil Jester Press:

Pete Giglio reached out to me today and we talked about what we could do to help Holly Newstein Hautala. Rick Hautala, was a big inspiration to me and a good friend. I miss him. I’m still in shock. Anyway, Pete posted this, and we want to help. “For all of 2013, Evil Jester Press and I are forfeiting our royalty stake in MOONDEATH. All profits will now roll to Holly Newstein Hautala. The book is now selling well, which would have made Rick happy. MOONDEATH was his first novel, and it’s one of my favorites. When EJP reprinted it, Rick wanted to stick to original 1980 Zebra text. The two months I spent retyping the text from the old mass market paperback, not to mention the several times I reread the manuscript, was a journey I’m glad I took. Typing the same words (in the same order) on my PC that Rick Hautala had typed decades earlier…well, that was cool. We will do more. This is a start”.

Moondeath @ Amazon

audiocomics-logoThe AudioComics Company has a series of audio adaptations of horror stories called Horrorscopes. The first episode of the first season is an adaptation of Rick Hautala’s “The Nephews.” Rick also provides the introduction to the series. AudioComics has made this announcement:

The AudioComics Company was saddened to learn of the sudden passing of horror writer Rick Hautala on March 21, 2013. In honor of Rick, 100% of the net proceeds from downloads of “The Nephews” will go to his widow, Holly Hautala.

You can read more about Horrorscopes and buy episodes from their website.

And now there’s this tweet from Roy Hudson:

Roy Hudson@Readneck_Roy 

For each NEHW t-shirt sold on, $1 will be donated to Rick Hautala‘s widow.

2:23 PM – 26 Mar 13

You can see purchase a New England Horror Writers T-shirt here.

mckinney-giglioAnd now there’s more from Joe McKinney and Pete Giglio and Evil Jester Press. 100% of the profits in April from Joe McKinney’s Inheritance and Peter Giglio’s Sunfall Manor will be paid to Rick’s widow, Holly.

Do not buy these books in lieu of donations. The best way to help is to donate directly to Holly Newstein Hautala (see Christopher Golden’s post). That said, Joe McKinney and I were touched by Rick Hautala‘s support of our recent ghost stories, INHERITANCE and SUNFALL MANOR. This is just our little way of paying that support back. Special thanks to the additional stakeholders in these titles for donating their profits for April: Charles Day, Eric Shapiro, Mark Scioneaux, Robert Shane Wilson, and Jennifer Wilson, and everyone at Evil Jester Press and Nightscape Press. Without their generosity, we couldn’t do this.

Click on the image to view more information about this.

Celebration of Rick Hautala’s life on May 5, 2013

A celebration of Rick Hautala’s life will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2013, at the American Legion Hall on Dunn Street in Westbrook, Maine, from 3 to 7 PM. All who can make it are cordially invited to come and share their memories and laughter with Rick’s friends and family.

Rick died on March 21, 2013. You can read tributes to Rick and his work here.

RIP Rick Hautala

It is with heavy heart that I post the news that Rick died earlier this afternoon at age 64 from a heart attack.

Rick’s wife Holly posted this on Facebook Thursday evening:

Hi all and thank you. Just to let you know there will be no funeral, as that was not Rick’s thing. I am hoping to put together a celebration of his life in a month or two. We are just devastated here, and I really appreciate your kind words. Will keep you posted…

I’m stunned, as I know all of his fans, friends, and family are. My heart is with Holly, Rick’s sons, and all their family and friends.


Christopher Golden posted on Facebook, “The life of a freelance writer is often full of financial struggles. The sudden death of Rick Hautala has left difficult circumstances in its wake, in more ways than one.” If you want to help Rick’s wife, Holly Newstein Hautala, Chris tells you how.

glimpses-ebookFrom Dark Regions Press:

In honor of Rick Hautala we will be making his new book GLIMPSES: The Best Short Stories of Rick Hautala free in the Kindle marketplace starting [March 23]. Here’s the link: Glimpses: The Best Short Stories of Rick Hautala

Here are some fantastic online tributes to Rick and his work: