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Maine’s PressHerald reviews Rick’s autobiography

Rick Hautala - The Horror - The HorrorThe Maine newspaper has posted a fantastic review of The Horror…The Horror, Rick Hautala’s posthumously-published memoir. You can read it at the link below.

Book Review: Rick Hautala’s ‘Horror’ dishy and delightful


The book is available in ebook and trade paperback formats. It can be purchased from the Crossroad Press store, as well as from:

Fangoria article about Rick’s autobiography

Fangoria has posted a lengthy article about Rick Hautala’s autobiography, The Horror…The Horror. The author spoke with Holly Newstein Hautala, Christopher Golden, Tom Monteleone, and Timothy Deal about Rick and the book.

You can read the article on the Fangoria website.


Updates related to Rick’s autobiography

Rick Hautala - The Horror - The HorrorAfter Rick Hautala died unexpectedly on March 21, 2013, his wife Holly discovered an autobiography that he’d written in secret in 2009. She worked with Crossroad Press to publish the book, now titled The Horror…The Horror, and the book was published as an ebook in May 2013.

The ebook can be purchased from the Crossroad Press store, as well as from:


A tribute to Rick from his future daughter-in-law

Aly Dixon, Rick’s future daughter-in-law, posted this loving tribute to Rick today:

The Real Reason I’m Here: A Man Who Continues to Inspire

Books & Boos all-day benefit event on June 22, 2013!

Update 2013-06-29: Books & Boos posted on their blog about the event after it was over: A Great Fundraiser for Holly Newstein Hautala

Bracken Macleod posted this on his blog:

Last last March one of the nicest guys I ever met, Rick Hautala, died unexpectedly. His loss has reverberated throughout the literary horror community and we are all saddened. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and sons who need our help. Like most writers, Rick was a man of modest means. That means his family could use our help. The proprietors of Books and Boos bookstore in Colchester, Connecticut are doing what they can and have organized an all day charity benefit for Rick’s family. If you’re in the area, head on down, bid on an auction item, get a book signed by an attending author (sorry, I can’t make it), have some free food, and help some really good people through a hard time. It’ll be worth it!

Click on the image to view a larger version of it.

Rick’s autobiography, The Horror… The Horror, is now available!

Rick Hautala - The Horror - The HorrorRick Hautala’s autobiography, found by his wife Holly after his death in March, is now available in ebook formats from Crossroad Press. From their site:

Available for the first time, The Horror… The Horror provides a look into the life and mind of author Rick Hautala.  From his days as a child in Massachusetts, to his days in college at the University of Maine in Orono, to the early days of his writing career along with Stephen King’s involvement, and ultimately to where his life and career stood in 2009, his autobiography is a compelling read to be enjoyed by friends and fans alike.

The book can be purchased from the Crossroad Press store, as well as from:

Update: Crossroad Press will be publishing a trade paperback edition of this book as soon as they can manage it. We’ll keep you posted!


Rick’s Autobiography: The Horror…The Horror

Rick’s wife Holly posted this news on Facebook this morning:

For Rick Hautala friends and fans: Rick’s autobiography, titled “The Horror…The Horror” is finally restored! He wrote it in 2009, unbeknownst to me, and I found a hard copy with his hand edits after he died. Characteristically, he must have decided nobody would want to read it and deleted it from his hard drive. It’s reminiscent of King’s ON WRITING, but with that special Rick Hautala perspective.

I have retyped it in and will keep you posted as to when it will be available.

NECON E-Books and their help for the Hautala family

WinterWake_COVERNECON E-books has published three of Rick Hautala’s books in ebook format: Winter WakeDead Voices, and The Epicure. For the next three months, they’re donating their profits to Holly Hautala:

For our part, effective immediately and lasting through June 30th (i.e. the entire second quarter of 2013), Necon E-Books will not take our usual Publisher’s share of all sales of Rick or Holly’s titles — WINTER WAKEDEAD VOICES and THE EPICURE. Instead, we’ll be passing those profits directly to Holly. Naturally, Ralph W. Bieber will continue to receive his share of sales of THE EPICURE, and all third party vendors (i.e. Amazon, B&N, etc.) will take their standard percentage as well.  Otherwise, for the next three months, everything will go straight to Holly.  Holly, we wish we could do more and we sincerely hope that this helps (even just slightly).

Click here to read their full post.

Cemetery Dance offer that benefits the Hautala family

o_freema02Longtime Rick Hautala publisher Cemetery Dance has come up with an offer that will help benefit the Hautala family. It involves a special edition of Brian James Freeman’s Blue November Storms. From the CD website:


As you may already know, long-time Cemetery Dance author and friend Rick Hautala passed away suddenly earlier this month. Fundraiser efforts are currently under way to help his family in their time of need, and Glenn Chadbourne and Brian James Freeman have decided to create a special version of this novella to help speed that fundraising along.

We’re now accepting preorders for special copies of this novella featuring stunning COLOR REMARQUES by Glenn Chadbourne. Glenn will be donating his entire art fee to the Hautala family. Brian will also be donating all of his earnings from each of these special copies. (A remarque is an original drawing made in the actual book by the artist, which makes that copy of the book a unique collectible. You can see some of Glenn’s more elaborate color remarques here.)

These special copies will be also signed by Ray Garton, Brian James Freeman, and Glenn Chadbourne. Glenn is going all out to make these copies unique for the collectors who help us support the Hautala family and these remarqued versions of the book will ship approximately one month after the signed copies.

You can read about the book and order copies from the Cemetery Dance website.

Kings Way Press has a special offer to help the Hautala family

hautala_wildman_1-165x250Zach of Kings Way Press posted this on the forum at Horror Drive-In:

I wanted to do something to help Rick’s family even though I only knew him as a fan. He wrote many great books and seemed like an awesome guy.

When I took over the remains of Full Moon Press, I inherited several boxes of The Wildman Limited and Trade Editions. I figured what better way to help Rick’s family than to sell these books and donate 100% of the sales to the cause?

So far, through the KWP newsletter we have raised $299, which I just sent through paypal:
King’s Way Press, you have sent $299.00 USD to Holly Newstein.

Anyone else interested in a Signed/Limited Edition of The Wildman ($45) or The Wildman Trade Edition ($30) for a big discount of $23 or $15 respectively, email me at and I will send you an invoice.

To all those who have already donated or bought a copy, I am sure that Rick’s family will be eternally grateful for your support.