Haunted ME anthology to be dedicated to Rick Hautala

macabre-maineThe upcoming Macabre Maine short story anthology Haunted ME will be dedicated to Rick Hautala. You can read more about the anthology on the Macabre Maine website.


The Rick Hautala Memorial T-Shirt

From Holly:

The Rick Hautala Memorial T-Shirt is now for sale at Etsy! Modeled here by the lovely and talented Christopher Golden, it was originally printed for Rick years ago and reads, “What Are You, A Writer or a Punk?” I still have the original shirt, but you can have your very own! Click here or on the image for details!


Cold Whisper ebook is now available

cold-whisperCrossroad Press has released ebook editions of Rick Hautala’s Cold Whisper.

Cold Whisper for Kindle

Cold Whisper for NOOK

Cold Whisper at SmashWords

About Dark Silence:

Tully. He made Sarah’s every wish come true. He appeared to her eyes alone and spoke so that only she could hear. Sometimes Sarah wondered if it was all her imagination. But the things that Tully made happen were all too real. And, as Sarah grew up, they were all too horrible.

Now Sarah, a college freshman in Maine, lives in terror. She mustn’t think bad thoughts. She mustn’t give in to the lure of Tully’s powers. She mustn’t ever, ever get angry. For what Tully doesn’t understand is that some wishes aren’t meant to be granted.

Dark Silence ebook is now available

10480554_898246783524288_4408984674836456806_oCrossroad Press has released ebook editions of Rick Hautala’s Dark Silence.

Dark Silence for Kindle

Dark Silence for NOOK

Dark Silence at SmashWords

About Dark Silence:

November, 1694. Rachel Parsons, an accused witch, is hanged at the Gallows Tree in Summerfield, Maine. Before she dies, she curses all who live on her land. Her words end with the creak of the rope as the ladder is pulled out from under her.

Autumn, 1963. A retarded boy is chased into the old, abandoned mill. But it is one of his tormentors who ends up at the bottom of a shaft.

Summer, 1994. Brian Fraser has heard the stories about the old mill. They say it’s haunted, filled with the whisperings of long ago…including something that his own father won’t talk about. But Brian is drawn to the mill. Drawn to an evil so hideous, so apocalyptic it threatens one’s sanity…

New review of Star Road

star-roadA new review of Star Road, written by Rick Hautala and Matthew Costello, has been posted on the blog Not Too Terrible. You can read the review here.

Order Star Road from Amazon.com

Order Star Road from Amazon.com (Kindle)

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Order Star Road from Barnes & Noble (NOOK)

New review of The Demon’s Wife

Front_Cover_Image_The_Demons_Wife-Copy-199x300Reader Views has posted a new review of Rick Hautala’s The Demon’s Wife.

You can order The Demon’s Wife from JournalStone, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


New review of Four Octobers

four-octobersWebsite Wag the Fox has posted a new review of Rick Hautala’s Four Octobers, a quartet of October-themed novellas.

Print editions of Four Octobers: A Collection of Novellas can be found from various online sellers, including these from Amazon.

Four Octobers is also available as an ebook for Kindle and NOOK.

Stories about Rick’s archives

hollyHolly Newstein-Hautala offered Rick’s archives—manuscripts, letters, etc.—to the Walker Memorial Library in Westbrook, ME, where he lived and worked most of his adult life. A year after the offer was made, the library turned down the offer. Holly tweeted about the rejection, which caught the interest of a couple of reporters, and now The Portland Press Herald and American Journal have run front-page articles about the issue.

Before the articles even appeared, Southern Maine Community College expressed an interest in Rick’s papers. Holly will be visiting SMCC next month to see how they would care for Rick’s archives. Looks very promising, she said!

Review of Indian Summer

Keith West at AdventuresFiction.com posted this blog review of Rick Hautala’s Indian Summer.

Indiegogo campaign to film Rick Hautala’s “Colt .24″


Filmmaker David C. Miller has launched an Indiegogo campaign to film an adaptation of Rick Hautala’s short story “Colt .24.” You can read more about the project here.